small things, small spaces

Last March Andy asked if we could drive over to her office and pick up a spare work computer “just in case” her workplace needed to migrate their operations to work-from-home mode due to Covid-19. Well that same day we drove down-town and shoved that large dual monitor setup into our tiny little car. Good thing too because that was the last time she set foot in her building!

Andy’s migration to working from home resulted in some shifting around of our living room; where the sewing machines once were, now a computer is. But lucky for me, we were able to squeeze in a temporary (which at this point feels pretty permanent, lol) sewing/craft station so that I can still keep my hands busy without having to setup and tear down my equipment each time I get the itch to make something.

(image description: a view of the craft desk! A vintage green metal table sits in front of a wooden bookshelf. There is a sewing machine and a serger on top [as well as some fabric, patterns, and a thread cone holder]. To the right is a cream colored metal cart full of WIPs. Below is a small vintage bench and boxes of fabric scraps + an iron and pressing board.)

The trickiest part of this new setup has been keeping things tidy…see I’m a bit of a collector and also very forgetful so there’s always a bunch of small things stacked on and around my workspace both because I have a lot of things and also so I don’t forget I have a thing already. Not to mention this small space sits in the middle of our living room and is always within view. Any and all messes are VISIBLE from several angles. Which leads me to my project for this months Aurifil challenge!

This month, I made a small fabric basket to help keep the clutter at bay. The pattern I referenced was published in No. 4 of Making Magazine. It will come as no surprise to anyone that I also used scrap fabric; some brown/greyish chambray for the outside and pale yellow quilting cotton for the interior lining.

(image description: a brown/grey tube shaped fabric basket sits on top of a green metal table. A peek of the pale yellow lining can be seen as well some of the contents inside the basket – a cone of thread and a rotary cutter.)

Not gunna lie, I keep forgetting to place a thread order for my monthly challenge projects so have been heavily relying on the cone of light grey 50wt the folks at Aurifil sent me back in June to get most of my projects done. Lucky for me 50wt is amazing and has risen to all challenges and tasks I set before it.

(image description: a top view of the same basket. More clearly visible are the interior contents like some straight pins, clips, rotary cutter and cone of thread.)

This little cutie basket does a fantastic job of corraling some of the random bits and bobs that are often strewn across the table or the bookshelves behind while also being relatively incognito. It was important to me when making this basket that it blend relatively seamlessly into the background of our living space; having something super obvious or bright wouldn’t compliment a space that already is kind of out of place given the other surroundings. I would say I accomplished this pretty well! If you look back up to the first photo in this post, the basket is barely visible on the shelf, nestled behind/between the sewing machine and serger.

Would I make another one? Yes. It was a cute and fast project that allowed me to use up some stash and play with a thread I already love. But I won’t be making others unless it’s really needed to keep things looking put together; I’m hoping that maybe someday this “temporary” sewing station can get taken down and return to it’s former location making the need for creative organization strategies obsolete. Someday 😊

(image description: me holding the basket, it rests on my open palm. In the background there is a small white quilt made by a friend.)

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